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Looking for Free Mobile Games Iphone and Android ? Until now, we have worked on some games that serve both purposes. (Not so) Surprisingly, all of them have performed well over time! These include our flagship titles – Restaurant Tycoon, Resort Tycoon & the more recent, Kitchen Story.

Being a casual to mid-core game developer, we believe in entertaining players as well as challenging them at the same time. All these games have received a warm response from all over the world. But one surprising factor among this was the demographics – more than 70% of players were female between the age groups 21-25 and 35-45.

On further study, we found out that majority of female players keep themselves engaged in the actual gameplay and do not explore the meta-game unlike male players. Our analysis attributes these findings to simple core gameplay and learning curve, steady pacing and intuitive controls. Also, since there is no feeling of “competition” – an area where men dominate the gaming industry, our games have a much higher appeal among the female audience.

We are pleased to have expanded into an unexpected area and also feel excited for what the future holds for them!
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