FRONTLINE SOLDIER is one of the best soldier games, it is a modern action-packed run n gun warfare game. Establish bases in enemy territory and engage in high octane combat missions to win over their bases.
You are the Frontline Soldier and an army commander who will lead his commando army to victory in the war against resilient enemies.
The enemy has taken our fellow soldiers as a hostage, it is time to wear your armour, pick up your weapons and gear up to fight an intense battle against enemy’s military. Your brothers are in distress use your arms to rescue them, kill opposing forces and have a shot at destroying the enemy base.
Once you enter the battlefield, take a hardline approach and keep moving, shooting any enemies on your way and call allies if you need any help. Pick up packs of ammo to get additional ammo and mini medkits to restore health to get back to duty. Remember one thing commander, if you see the enemy base you have to shoot at it until there is nothing left because there is no room for mercy. So, bomb the enemy base and keep moving forward with your squad.
Upgrade your hero and allies to become even more destructible. Command an arsenal of lethal weapons– handguns, assault rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, flamethrower, etc., use them to counter the opposing force or to strike at them in order to conquer enemy territories.

 Features of best soldier game:

  •  FREE TO PLAY, lifelong! Simple, intuitive and addictive gameplay.
  •  35 fast-paced action-packed levels! Lock n load!
  •  Act as alone or call allies, the choice is yours.
  •  A wide variety of weapons to unlock and choose from.
  •  10 unique allies to your aid – for a few coins, have choppers and tanks by your side!
  •  Mighty and aggressive enemies of both types – ground and air!
  •  Many a tower to strengthen your defense and attack zone.
  •  Stunning visuals!
  •  Intense music and blasting SFX!
  •  Much More…

Story: You play a wounded world war hero who swears to bring justice to his homeland. You find yourself in enemy territory, just outlived a battle and ready to strike back. Plan your strategy, strengthen your defence force and wipe out the enemy heroes in this thrilling and fast-paced free shooter game.
Micro management within the game enables you, the player, to make your own strategy and control the hardness in the game. This allows you to define your own pace. But for all you know, there is no time! Incredible battles and nail-biting combats make for an epic action game.
Prove your metal when the world is at war, gear up, act solid to win a major medal of success and bring glory to the nation. Honor those generals who have perished in the mayhem.
Match your skills with the number of kills with players across the world in our Leaderboards!
From the markers of DEFEND THE BUNKER 1 & 2!
So what are you waiting for, Private? Download now and enjoy the game! Over and out

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