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Future of Mobile Gaming

Until a while back, the term ‘gaming’ meant kids playing against each other on consoles or in an arcade. Only a few years back, mobile opened up an entire avenue for gamers. So much has it grown in a very short span of time, that it is already at par with the long-established PC and console gaming industry.

Why is this so?

The obvious reason would be that there are far more “casual” gamers than “hardcore” gamers. This is because almost (on an average) every one today has a mobile device of either Android or iOS platforms. Whereas one in five people have a console or a gaming system. Just the sheer size beats the console gaming industry. In terms of investment and revenue, mobile still lags behind, but is swiftly catching up.

Nowadays, big names in the industry are supporting and funding mobile gaming heavily because they believe and rightly so, that it is “the future”. True that there will always exist a class of “classic gamers” who don’t consider playing games on mobiles as gaming. But even that percentage is shrinking by the day. By 2020, the mobile gaming revenue is expected to reach $1.1 Billion – an amount that is still a fragment of the total gaming revenue, but a considerable amount nonetheless.

We, at AppOn believe that regardless of the device, the most important part of gaming is simply the fun that it brings. Platforms will come and go, but the experience will stay. Happy gaming everyone!

refreshed look
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Refreshed Look

Firstly, welcome to our refreshed website! It gives us great pleasure to connect with you all from our new and cool website. Secondly, we cannot thank you enough for the love of all our community. Your support only makes us stronger.

From a long time, we meant to give a lot of things back to the community. We had a lot of things planned since quite a while. But due to our primary commitment of making games, we were a bit held back.

Reaching us on our updated portal is much easier now. We are also increasing our social media presence gradually in order to connect with our players on as many platforms as possible.

We will also try to post in our Blog section more frequently. (This counts as Post #1) 
And of course, we are still committed to make more awesome games for you. There is some exciting stuff in the pipeline and we cannot wait to present it to you!
Until next time!

stories and tycoons
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Stories & Tycoons

Looking for Free Mobile Games Iphone and Android ? Until now, we have worked on some games that serve both purposes. (Not so) Surprisingly, all of them have performed well over time! These include our flagship titles – Restaurant Tycoon, Resort Tycoon & the more recent, Kitchen Story.

Being a casual to mid-core game developer, we believe in entertaining players as well as challenging them at the same time. All these games have received a warm response from all over the world. But one surprising factor among this was the demographics – more than 70% of players were female between the age groups 21-25 and 35-45.

On further study, we found out that majority of female players keep themselves engaged in the actual gameplay and do not explore the meta-game unlike male players. Our analysis attributes these findings to simple core gameplay and learning curve, steady pacing and intuitive controls. Also, since there is no feeling of “competition” – an area where men dominate the gaming industry, our games have a much higher appeal among the female audience.

We are pleased to have expanded into an unexpected area and also feel excited for what the future holds for them!
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