refreshed look

Refreshed Look

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Firstly, welcome to our refreshed website! It gives us great pleasure to connect with you all from our new and cool website. Secondly, we cannot thank you enough for the love of all our community. Your support only makes us stronger.

From a long time, we meant to give a lot of things back to the community. We had a lot of things planned since quite a while. But due to our primary commitment of making games, we were a bit held back.

Reaching us on our updated portal is much easier now. We are also increasing our social media presence gradually in order to connect with our players on as many platforms as possible.

We will also try to post in our Blog section more frequently. (This counts as Post #1) 
And of course, we are still committed to make more awesome games for you. There is some exciting stuff in the pipeline and we cannot wait to present it to you!
Until next time!

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